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At Clarity, we’re dedicated to diversity, equity, and inclusion on a global scale. From taking on pro-bono clients like Opening Doors in the UK, our partnership with the Diversity Marketing Consortium in the US, and our internal activations, we want to excel in DEI across our business. Part of a successful DEI strategy means being accountable for what we say we’ll do, both with our people, and externally. With this in mind, our global DEI team will now be publishing quarterly blogs on our site so our clients, partners, potential hires, and other audiences can see, and be inspired, by our work. 

Launching our DEI Newsletter series

One of the DEI team’s primary focuses for Q1 was launching our monthly DEI Newsletter series, an initiative highlighting the important moments to be aware of, and educating our team on how they can actively support the causes we champion all year round.

In February we recognized Black History Month in the United States, and LGBTQIA+ History Month in the UK in our DEI Newsletter. For both, our newsletter shared resources including a Clarity-made playlist, background about the origins of Black History Month, and an article about 12 LGBTQIA+ icons from history. These resources provided information on Black History Month and microaggressions, Black and LGBTQIA+ history in the media, including plays, movies, podcasts, books, and music, and events to actively engage in learning these histories.

Continuing with our focus on diversity and inclusion history months, in March we published our Women’s History Month focused newsletter, in addition to spotlighting Neurodiversity Celebration Week in the UK. We created and shared our Clarity-made playlist highlighting women in music across a range of our favorite genres including R&B, indie, neo-soul, and pop. The newsletter also inspired our team with quotes from some of the female role models in our workplace, alongside insight on ways organizations can create a culture that truly uplifts those across the gender spectrum. We also went beyond Clarity, highlighting female trailblazers from a variety of backgrounds, including Dawn Butler, the first elected Black female government minister in the UK; Michelle Yeoh, the first Asian woman to win the Oscar for Best Actress; and Vanessa Nakate, a Ugandan climate activist who uses her platform to discuss the lack of intersectionality in climate activism. We also shared information about neurodiversity, including resources ranging from videos to websites to books, and theater performances, to help our team learn about this topic across a series of mediums.

Internal storytelling

It’s important to highlight that at Clarity, diversity isn’t just celebrated and recognized once a month. To maintain our commitment to continuously keeping our team informed about the key DEI themes impacting the world in which we live, we have created a storytelling series that allows our people to share information about their own holidays, religions, cultures, and more, in a digital scrapbook that we are compiling to share more broadly. 

We also continue to highlight in an internal Slack channel the different types of media that our people can consume to stay educated. This includes the movies, television shows, plays, musicals, literature, podcasts, music and sports that highlight our key focus areas. Whether they showcase important moments in DEI history, are created by diverse directors, or even just bring more diverse thinking into our homes, this list of resources is continuously compiled to maintain a revolving door of knowledge for our people. We believe knowledge and understanding amongst are some of the most important elements to building and retaining a diverse, welcoming culture like what we are proud to have at Clarity.

Continuous education

In addition to these larger DEI initiatives in Q1, we have also created smaller educational pieces, including a remembrance piece for Martin Luther King Jr., and an overview of  the meaning behind the Lunar New Year, and how to celebrate. We’ve also created culture clubs and shared around anonymous forms to check in with our teams about our DEI efforts, as well as maintaining an ongoing expansion of our understanding of diversity. Alongside this quarterly blog, make sure you follow us on social for the DEI team’s regular takeovers where we share the best resources we come across through the year. If you have any questions about our DEI efforts, drop us a line here.

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