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Staying Fearless When Entering A New Stage

Authored by Billy Stone, Content Intern

Autumn is undoubtedly the dark horse of the seasons – the reminiscent charm of Halloween and cozy nights are silver linings of colder conditions, as we’re swiftly pulled away from summer.

Now in the deep end of ‘Spooky Season’, your fears are likely to have moved away from ghosts in the night, instead maybe onto the prospect of a new job, career or the future.

As the debt-ravaged contestants of Squid Game have been shoved into our eyeline over the previous few months, they served up a following dose of what Black Mirror had previously given us – a gloomy glimpse into the future. The last year and a half have been extremely testing for everyone, and the future landscape is often displayed just as dauntingly. For this reason, it’s important to be appreciative of the industry we’re in.

Having studied journalism at University, the only introduction to PR via a singular two-month module felt almost like a senior sibling introducing their more successful younger relative around a friendship group, hoping they wouldn’t prefer them. Journalism is in a state of flux - distrust of the industry continues to rise as the digital age has opened reporters up to a rolling barrage of online abuse. Regardless of the size and quality of outlet, sadly the slow decline seems to loom. Like outlets across many industries, temporary, Covid-induced closures became permanent ones.

But this is not the case for PR - the industry is predicted to surpass a value of $93 billion, a 45% increase from 2018’s value of $63.8 billion. With this, comes further expansion of the services it can provide to clients. One of the most exciting divisions sitting under the growing umbrella of PR is digital communications. Content creation, social media and native advertising are helping to develop brand authenticity, something that has become increasingly essential in a digital space filled with fake news and obtrusive ads.

Perhaps this is where PR is stealing a march on its waning competitors - the absorption of new services gives it the potential to be an all-seeing, all-doing media beast. 

But this doesn’t come without being fearless. At a higher level, this absorption takes courage, but the spirit must also trickle down through the industry and its personnel. The synergy between tech, SEO, content, and paid teams (the list goes on) is what allows the machine to run smoothly - but it also sets you up for life. An unwritten rule seems to be ‘accepting every challenge’ - even as a content intern I have worked with such a range of people, skills and tasks, in many ways I didn’t expect. The natural fear formed by leaping from a different industry (journalism) to PR has quickly become dormant, due to the pace, prosperity and creativity of the work available.  

Working in this manner is extremely beneficial - PR is constantly evolving, but remaining fearless and positive (and global of course) should leave us in safe hands for an exciting, fruitful future. Don't pass up on this industry - open your eyes to this growing field and the opportunities it holds at the forefront of brand building.

Oh, and by the way, we're growing! Reach out to us to learn more about the opportunities in this exciting industry.


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