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Sun’s out, targets are up: How B2B performance marketing is looking for H2 2024

By Jodi Norris

Marketing & Community Manager

Clarity & FINITE

As B2B tech marketers head off on their mid-year, or Summer, vacations, many are acutely aware of the high lead targets awaiting them on their return. We teamed up with FINITE, the private global community for B2B tech marketers, to find out how performance marketers are faring in 2024. Our research reveals that an impressive 85% of members surveyed have been given higher lead targets this year compared to last year!

With a slow start to 2024 across global economics, and a precarious B2B market, September onwards is crunchtime. But with renewed energy from their beach breaks and sunny trips away, B2B marketers must tackle growth challenges head on. 

Read on to learn more of the FINITE survey’s findings on how performance marketing is faring so far this year. 

Budgets on the Rise

Encouragingly, 41% of B2B marketers surveyed are entering H2 2024 with more budget than last year, providing them with more financial flexibility to experiment with new strategies, and invest in sophisticated tools. Only 22% face decreased financial resources. 

But with higher budgets come higher expectations. B2B marketers need to do more with more by investing in the right areas to enhance their marketing function, fast. With the majority of marketers concerned about their 2024 results across channels, it’s no wonder they’re feeling the pressure! 

Overcoming Challenges

Just 6% of marketers report being unaffected by challenges affecting their lead generation efforts. This indicates that in H2 overcoming these obstacles will be critical. Key hurdles identified in the FINITE survey include:

  • Adapting to Budget Variations: For the 22% with tighter budgets, leveraging cost-efficient strategies like organic search optimization and content marketing is essential.
  • Channel Optimization: The majority of marketers face anxieties about achieving optimal results from their chosen channels, so a focused approach towards channel management is vital. 
  • Google’s Cookie Deprecation: With 44% expressing concern over the impact of cookie deprecation, marketers must prioritize leveraging first-party data and other innovative tracking solutions to mitigate risk.

Triumphs with Paid Search and Integrated Campaigns

When it comes to driving value, paid search and integrated campaigns are emerging as top performers in B2B marketing this year. Partners like Clarity can help brands make the most of their budgets in these realms. Our approach integrates data insights, creative, brand, and performance, allowing marketers to cut through the noise and drive measurable impact. 

Addressing Lead Utilization and Sales Synergy

A crucial area of concern highlighted by the FINITE survey is the effective utilization of leads by sales teams. A notable 44% of marketers believe that their sales counterparts are not maximizing the potential of the leads provided. This disconnect between marketing and sales can significantly hinder overall performance. Therefore, fostering closer collaboration and alignment between these two departments is not just recommended, but essential. Monthly strategy sessions and shared KPIs are just a couple of methods that can bridge this gap. 

Final Thoughts

As B2B marketers gear up for H2 2024, the landscape appears challenging yet loaded with opportunities. Higher lead generation targets necessitate robust planning, diligent execution, and the right mix of tools and strategies. By navigating budget variations, tackling key challenges head-on, leveraging partners like Clarity, and fostering better synergy between marketing and sales, B2B marketers can not only meet but surpass their ambitious goals.

In this dynamic environment, staying informed and adaptable remains key. As part of our collaboration with FINITE, we’ll be delivering content and events that tackle these challenges head on. Stay tuned for announcements and details! Contact us here to discuss how we can help you achieve your performance marketing goals.

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