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The four Estonian startups defining tech’s future

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By Elisa Litvin

Account Manager


Despite Estonia's small size on the world map, its vibrant tech scene has had a huge impact on industries worldwide. With a population of just over 1.3 million, it’s the birthplace of internationally recognized tech scale-ups like Skype, Wise, Veriff, Bolt, and Pipedrive. And there is no doubt that the country’s list of success stories will only continue to grow. 

Throughout my time at Clarity, I've had the privilege of collaborating with exciting companies from different parts of the world and also championing the breakthroughs of my home country, Estonia. Clarity has recently begun working with the Estonian e-Residency program. We are seeing first-hand how the country enables entrepreneurs from around the globe to take advantage of Estonia's business-friendly environment and advanced digital infrastructure. 

Estonian startups are gaining global recognition and setting the stage for an even brighter future ahead. Being a country with the most Unicorns per capita in Europe isn't just a coincidence—It's the result of a culture of innovation. The combination of a tech-savvy workforce, a digital-first approach to public services, and a strong startup community has inspired many Estonians to bring their business ideas to life.

Here are four Estonian startups proving that technological innovation knows no bounds.


Lightyear logo
Source: Lightyear

One startup that has been generating buzz in the tech scene is an investment app Lightyear. Founded by ex-Wise Estonian duo, Martin Sokk and Mihkel Aamer in 2021, Lightyear combines multi-currency accounts with unlimited access to global markets so customers can invest without hidden fees. Their mission is simple – “Give all people and businesses across Europe the edge when investing.”

Lightyear has garnered support from heavyweight investors like Lightspeed Venture Partners and Richard Branson’s Virgin Group, as well as the company’s seed investors including Mosaic Ventures, Taavet+Sten, and Metaplanet. With their rapid growth in an already crowded fintech market, it's clear they're onto something special. 

Starship Technologies

Starship robot rolling across a zerbracrossing
Source: Starship

Starship Technologies is pioneering the world of autonomous delivery with their fleet of ground-based robots. Founded in Estonia in 2014 by Ahti Heinla and Janus Friis, the brains behind Skype, the company aims to revolutionize deliveries with their small, six-wheeled robots designed to navigate urban and suburban environments. These robots deliver everything from food takeaways to packages and groceries.

Starship’s 2,000+ fleet of robots have already safely completed more than five million deliveries globally. In fact, these robots are a familiar sight in Leeds, Trafford, Milton Keynes, Northampton, Bedford, and Cambridge. Their success is a clear indicator that the company is on its way to powering the future of deliveries.


Grufin logo over a forest backdrop
Source: Grünfin

Grünfin, established in 2020 by Triin Hertmann, Alvar Lumberg, and Karin Nemec, has carved a niche with its retail investment platform. Unique in its approach, the platform is exclusively for funds with positive environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors. 

Before making the cut, each fund is carefully screened, ensuring it aligns with the platform's ESG emphasis while also assessing its potential return on investment. In a world where finance and sustainability often seem at odds, Grünfin is pioneering a pathway that proves the two can harmoniously coexist.


Single Earth Logo against a floral image with the test "Earth's health is your financial wealth"
Source Single.Earth

Another unique player in the sustainability sector is Single.Earth. Founded in 2019 by Merit Valdsalu and Andrus Aaslaid, this fintech startup isn't just placing a value on nature – it's tokenizing it. It's very on-brand for an Estonian venture, considering around 51% of the mainland is covered in predominantly semi-natural forests. Beyond viewing nature merely as a resource, Single.Earth hones in on its ecological worth, spotlighting elements like carbon sequestration, storage, and biodiversity. 

Central to the platform is the MERIT token. For each 100 kg of CO2 captured in biodiverse areas, a MERIT token comes to life, effectively turning nature's ecological significance into a tangible digital asset.

These startups are only the beginning of what Estonia has to offer the world. With a history of standout innovations, it's clear that this small Baltic country is punching above its weight. The world should keep a close eye on Estonia as it isn’t just following trends in the tech world– it's setting them. 

Beyond receiving support from the industry’s top investors, we are seeing Estonian brands getting widely recognized by the global media. These ambitious startups are often grabbing headlines for their cutting-edge technology akin to Lightyear, bold missions similar to Single.Earth or Grünfin, and game-changing ideas comparable to Starship Technologies.

If you’re an Estonian tech brand looking to grow your presence in different markets around the world, reach out to Clarity’s team of tech marketing and communications experts here.

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