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Clarity's views on content and integrated campaigns

A couple of weeks ago we were lucky enough to attend a conference curated by the Midlands branch of the CIPR - the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, at Birmingham City University.

There were many great sessions, which among other things looked at the how the BBC serves the Midlands and how technology will change the way PRs interact with the media in the future.

Interestingly one of the most well attended sessions was hosted by the Content Marketing Association and focused on content.

Jane Hunt, founder and marketing director of JBH, talked through their recent case study of yesLDN, in which the company worked with social media influencers to deliver a highly creative and ultimately very successful campaign that sought to inspire urban youngsters.

She was followed by Kirsty Spencer, MD of Made by Sonder who talked more generally about the issues facing companies as they seek to interact with their customers harnessing paid, owned and earned media to achieve their goals. She referenced the company's award winning ‘For The Ride’ campaign for Triumph Motorcycles.

It was fascinating to hear how both of the campaigns ran and how the two companies, neither of which are native PR agencies, still acknowledged media relations played a role in the campaigns and was now part of what they offer.

The representatives of the PR companies present loved the session and we could sense that there would be interesting discussions back in their offices the next day.

Where Clarity fits

The changing nature of the media has meant that almost all PR companies now talk in terms of content creation and integrated campaigns. Media relations, while still vital to the work they do, is only a part of the story.

It is the same for us at Clarity, though in many we like to believe that we ‘got content’ before many of our peers.

Clarity has always boasted a strong content team and we have several ex-journalists on the books They work on everything from creating thought leadership content to offering advice on how to approach titles and individual journalists.

We pride ourselves in not just saying we offer integrated campaigns but actually delivering them. At our kick off session with new clients we focus on not just agreeing messaging, but working out how that messaging translates into content of all types. From extended white papers and mega posts through to the social media snippets and video.

So we are cheered to see that the CIPR continues to recognise that content is a huge part of what PR companies are about now, and look forward to working on more exciting integrated briefs from clients in the future.



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