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Five B2B tech companies that are brilliant at content marketing

How many B2B tech companies do you know that describe themselves as ‘innovative’, ‘agile’ or ‘disruptive’? So many tech companies have come to sound the same and that makes it hard to differentiate between them - brands need to be creative with content marketing if they want to stand out from the crowd.


Engaging, targeted and regular content not only ensures your brand ranks highly in search engines, it establishes your business as an authority in its field, which can prove to be an effective new business driver. With buyers now making so much of their journey without actually talking to anyone, it's marketing copy that has to do the hard sell. Here are five B2B tech companies who are getting it right when it comes to content marketing:



Leading inbound marketing and sales platform HubSpot helps companies to attract visitors, convert leads and close deals. HubSpot is so good at content, it’s become a go-to source not just for potential marketing automation customers, but for business professionals working across sales, marketing and advertising.


With blogs offering insight on marketing, sales and customer success to span each of their product offerings, HubSpot shares new articles daily from staff writers and guest contributors, racking up thousands of shares across their social channels.


HubSpot was among the first B2B brands to pioneer the Buzzfeed approach to content, combining humour, memes and GIFs in listicle formats with its line-of-business offering. This strategy, alongside its marketing automation mastery, has earned HubSpot a huge customer base, and its Academy has attracted interest from thousands of marketers looking to improve their inbound skill set and get certified.  



EditorEye provides business intelligence and content publishing solutions to major corporate companies, publishers and software partners across the globe. Professionals use EditorEye’s Catalyst tool to identify and publish engaging content and live news intelligence to their target audiences, both internally and externally.


Launched as a standalone product in 2013, EditorEye already powers several intelligence platforms spanning financial services, B2B publishing and event management. EditorEye’s analytics engine finds the most relevant content by topic, and its curation workflow makes it easy to comment and publish to web, intranet, newsletters, social and via its application programming interface (API).


Not only is EditorEye an expert in content curation, it’s also a master in content creation. The company posts regular, topical blogs which offer global insight on digital transformation, enterprise innovation and emerging technology.



Designed and developed specifically for the financial services industry, the Kurtosys platform enables financial institutions to orchestrate their data across websites, documents and portals to increase sales, marketing and client servicing efficiency. Kurtosys positions itself at the intersection between technology and finance, demonstrating its expertise through explainer videos, infographics, webinars and its Fintech blog.


Kurtosys’ Fintech blog covers all aspects of the industry, from cyber security to investment. The company’s content really shines through in its in-depth blog focuses, such as the Fintech World Series, which profiles the Fintech scene in individual countries, or its latest series on Asset Management Marketing Focus. Kurtosys also shares a Friday Fintech Marketing Roundup each week, which details industry highlights and observations.



Workplace communication platform, Slack, is a unicorn with a strong brand voice which shines through its content. Slack offers businesses real-time messaging, file sharing and search, alongside voice and video calling capabilities. The platform enables users to connect all of their different work tools in one place, creating a streamlined, secure communication hub.


Slack describes its platform as ‘Team communication for the 21st Century’, and its voice echoes this. There are no corporate clichés here – the brand sells itself on simplicity. Slack’s tone is informal, addressing its audience directly with the second-person pronoun ‘you’.


Transparency is a huge part of building trust for your brand, and Slack manifests this in all aspects of its content, from the welcome message when the platform is loading, to tweets, even company announcements.



Project management software company, Basecamp, is a great example of long form content marketing done right. When you need to generate search traffic that converts to signups, long-term working relationships and increased amounts of organic traffic, long form content marketing is often the most effective option. The creative brains behind Basecamp tested a long form content version of the homepage for their Highrise product, and saw a 37% increase in sign up results compared to the original.


Basecamp also excels in the way in which it delivers content to its users. It capitalises on the expertise of its community through its podcast, blog and newsletter. The podcast explores better ways to work and run your business, featuring stories from Basecamp’s co-founders and other business owners. The blog also calls on the makers and friends of Basecamp to share ‘strong opinions and shared thoughts on design, business and tech’.


They say that great copy draws on the dark art of getting people to do what you want, while making them think that it was their idea to begin with. Basecamp’s copy masters the three key principles of getting people to take action:


  • Value: Basecamp make it clear what the user will get out of registering for their service: a ‘saner, calmer, organized way to manage projects and communicate company-wide’.
  • Social proof:X amount of businesses signed up in the last week!’
  • Exclusivity: People feel like they’re joining an exclusive club: ‘Put the fire out. Try Basecamp.’


by Helen Frear

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