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CleanTech PR to help solve the climate crisis

Climate change and population growth are forcing governments and growers to adopt new water management technology, this is where Lumo comes in. Lumo’s innovative irrigation technology helps growers in terms of productivity and profitability, and it will support them as stewards of the planet.

Company Goal:

Secure tier-1 coverage and increase brand visibility to position Lumo as an innovative agtech startup working to help solve the climate and water crisis.

Clarity's Challenge

Launch Lumo’s vision through its initial product offering (the irrigation system) alongside its pre-seed funding round, positioning Lumo to press as a challenger agtech startup solving the most immediate crisis: water accessibility.

Our Solution

Lumo came to us with a goal- support them in creating a punchy launch to help accentuate overall brand visibility and start conversations with wider business and agriculture media. We immediately hit the ground running to strategize how we would insert Lumo into the conversation and create a buzz around their upcoming product launch and pre-seed funding announcement. 

Working with Lumo’s executive team, we created key messaging and helped build a media-facing brand voice. However, we knew that in order to cut through the noise we had to position Lumo and its executive team as thought leaders in an ongoing topical conversation. We knew we could correlate Lumo’s launch and tie it into the relevant and timely conversations happening around the California drought and climate change.

The Results

  • Achieved key pieces of coverage in publications focused on agriculture, viticulture and business.
  • Achieved exclusive coverage of Lumo’s pre-seed funding announcement with prominent climate reporter, Alan Neuhauser, in Axios.
  • Inclusion in a CNBC video on the climate crisis in the West and how irrigation companies are fixing water waste which has over 257k+ on YouTube and is published on the CNBC website with approx. 52 million unique monthly visitors.