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Halloween is, hands down, the best holiday of the year (feel free to argue with me - I'm confident I will convince you that you were horribly mistaken).

This year, our client Mirriad, whose AI-based technology seamlessly inserts brands into entertainment content, decided to use their technology to celebrate the holiday and, at the same time, showcase how it can be used to enhance any content - no matter how long it's been dead and buried.
Mirriad resurrected a true horror classic - George Romero's The Night of the Living Dead - as well as some brands that may (or may not) have left us too soon. The result: The Night of the Living Dead Brands!

Mirriad's Night of the Living Dead Brands from mirriad on Vimeo.

I love how this video achieves a few critical things: First, it's entertaining and unique, which makes it wonderfully shareable. Second, it showcases Mirriad's ability to seamlessly insert brands into content, and third, it proves the company can breathe life into existing content - no matter how long it's been dead and buried.
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