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Clarity Launches Atrium, A Venture Studio

Today I am excited to announce that Clarity has launched Atrium, a venture studio designed to ensure Clarity remains the most innovative marketing and communications agency in the world. 

Clarity started life as an agency for startups. Today, while we primarily serve the marketing and communications needs of larger, well-established brands, we’ve maintained the agility, pace, and appetite for disruption of our roots.

We also continue to nurture our legacy of being an agency uniquely positioned at the heart of the startup world. This is incredibly valuable to our clients, as it helps Clarity stay abreast of the latest innovations and developments in their respective sectors as well as anticipate the advancements in technology that will impact our world on a macro level.

It ensures we understand how the landscape is shifting, what new channels are emerging and what new technologies can give us and our clients a competitive advantage. 

We believe now is the time to take this one step further. To take this knowledge and turn it into action. We will do this through Atrium, a venture studio, where we will learn and explore, ensuring that Clarity innovates faster than any agency in the world, and that our clients constantly stay one step ahead of the curve. 

With Atrium, we will respond to what we’re seeing by launching new products and services. Some of these we’ll spin-out into new brands and companies. Some we’ll roll back into Clarity. Some won’t work and we’ll scrap them entirely.

To support this initiative, we’ve appointed Silicon Valley-based VC, Luigi Congedo, as our first Innovation Advisor. Luigi has a deep network within the Bay Area and more generally across the global startup ecosystem. Luigi will work closely with me to identify developing opportunities, highlight emerging technologies, anticipate new risks and, most importantly, turn these insights into action.

Through Atrium, we’ll help keep both our account teams and our clients abreast of latest developments in the ever-changing technology landscape through a programme of content and events. 

Our first Atrium project is a new consultancy – Epoch Partners – dedicated to the emerging Web3 market. Epoch will advise both startups in this brave new world, and established companies looking to take advantage of the opportunities Web3 presents. Epoch officially launches today with several clients already taking advantage of its unique community-led approach. 

Plans are already afoot for the next wave of Atrium projects – some big, some small, but all very exciting. And if you have ideas for how Clarity can bring its resources and position in the startup world to bear on solving a problem or taking advantage of an opportunity, we’d love to hear from you! 

Please drop us a line at [email protected]


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